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Vikramadithyan Malayalam Movie Download Mp4 11




vikramadithyan malayalam movie online 5/6 | Vikramadithyan (Malayalam) Movie, Movie Details (Plot, Release, Cast, Release date, Size). From the world of Malayalam, comes the latest in the family drama genre, Vikramadithyan. The movie has a plot, lead actor and lead actress of actors, release date, cast, plot description, trailer and release title in the title. Watch Malayalam movie starring: Pooja Dulquer Salman and Namitha Pramod. The movie title is: Vikramadithyan. The movie release date is: 12 June 2020. The movie plot is: Rajesh (Naseer), is a double D (Dirty D) accused by the police. A police officer in Vikramadithyan does not want to harass. So he releases Rajesh after a bribe of 30 lakhs and in the fight he gets injured. Rajesh is now running out of money and has to arrange a compensation for the injury. Rajesh goes to the village of his uncle Abhishek (Vinay Forrt), who is a police inspector. Abhishek and Rajesh then go to the village of Rajesh's uncle (Thilakan) to file a police report and find out whether the accident really happened. In the village, Rajesh is seen by an old man with a huge nose, who is the head of the village council. The old man and his son do not want a police inspector in the village, but the grandfather says that the inspector has become his son. He then tells Abhishek that the village is very clean. He then offers them 30 lakhs, but Abhishek refuses the offer. On that day, the old man is attacked by the bikers who are supposedly trying to kill him. Rajesh protects the old man and helps him. Abhishek is an honest cop and he immediately does everything to stop the attackers. When Rajesh tells him about the 30 lakhs, he refuses the money. Adithyan. Vikramadithyan, Notepad, Trimark film is a 2020 Malayalam Action, Crime Thriller film directed by Sathyan Anthikad and produced by L. The story of the movie is an Indian boy Adithyan (Jishka Fernandes) who is the son of a thief accused of dishonoured by the police officer who




Vikramadithyan Malayalam Movie Download Mp4 11
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